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A smarter camera service

Our overview video is designed to showcase how our GetSensing range of cameras work to keep workers, customers and visitors feeling safe in the workplace during the pandemic and beyond.

Video Camera Lens


A Smarter Camera Service

Place cameras where you need them, without the security risks associated with traditional solutions that share your network.

Accurately and automatically detect the things that matter to you, and create safe environments during the pandemic and beyond.

Our GetSensing range will alert you to events you specify, including images and data of people who are not wearing face masks, or PPE, or if they are showing an elevated temperature.  Even social distancing adherence is covered by our GetSensing range of camera based solutions.  

We’ll provide your organization with easy to use solutions that encourage visitors and workers to return to your premises. 


Solution Summary

Taking the complexity out of data management

Office Staircase

Deploy Anywhere

Computer Chip

AI Powered Cameras

Tablet User

Actionable Reporting Tools

Mobile First

Our GetSensing range is optimised for Mobile networks, ensuring the camera hardware can be deployed anywhere, including rapid deployment tripods and poles. 

Security is paramount to our solutions so we ensure IOT Sims which connect to our dedicated Private APN, using a dual IPsec-VPN tunnel, and only storing data in a secure AWS environment (no data is stored locally on the camera).

Manage Complexity

Artificial Intelligence is at the heart Getmapping's technology strategy. We seek to leverage the power of machine learning and computer vision, via both edge processing (within the camera) and within our cloud platform, to create powerful solutions and data extracts for our clients.

The Cloud based management platform uses AI to power our notification engine. The user can receive notifications and alerts when customers, staff or passers-by exceed pre-set thresholds. These can include but are not exclusive to; capacity monitoring, wearing of PPE, elevated body temperatures, social distance rules.

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A picture speaks a thousand words

Actionable Insights and management style reports are available wherever you are.

For instance, the recent pandemic has forced business owners and building managers to introduce new policies and guidelines to keep those who use their buildings as safe as possible.

Our high-level management reports provide actionable insights on building user behavior and help inform improvements to practices and layouts.

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